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The Sims is the world's most successful gaming franchise, ever. With The Sims Social we brought the quirky, wacky world of The Sims brand to Facebook, where players could Play With Life™ - and their real friends. I designed in-game marketing and gaming content seen by over 10 million monthly active users and 8 million daily active users. My work involved delivering regular quests and develop large features such as careers, projects and mini games. I applied my knowledge of The Sims franchise and the social gaming audience to make the game appropriate for anyone using Facebook. The Sims Social won Social Networking Game of the Year 2012.

SimCity Social brought the real city-building simulation to the masses, giving players the freedom to create sprawling cities that come to life as a result of player-driven choice. In SimCity Social, players built their own city, choosing the kind of metropolis they want, watching as it grew or failed based on their actions. My role was as a marketing resource, promoting the game on social channels, working with the Beijing studio to generate copywriting, branding and social games best practices for the platform. SimCity Social was Web Based Game of the Year in 2013.

The longest running and most successful Playfish original franchise, Pet Society had over 20 million fans on Facebook over its 5 year lifetime. At its peak, the game attracted over 8 million daily active users who cared for their pet, took it shopping, decorated its home, and visited real friends' pets, too. I generated the title's endearing and shopaholic voice; I strategised Pet Society's marketing across Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, focusing on the most engaging channels to deliver on competitive business targets. My marketing insight supplied the development team with vital demographic information which was utilised in the design of weekly themes, features and community activities. Pet Society was one of the first social games to partner with a charity - WWF - in 2009 and raised over $1 million in its lifetime.

One of the longest running and most successful 1st generation simulation social games on Facebook, Restaurant City let players manage their own restaurant while mastering dishes to increase popularity and earnings. With 12 million fans on Facebook and over 4 million daily active users, I designed and evolved the Restaurant City brand, its character and personality both in game and within the gaming community through a plethora of marketing channels. These included connecting a network of fan-run communities, generating strategic newsletters and blog posts and working closely with the community team to provide on-going dialogue between the players and the developers; this was later made best practice across Playfish. I was involved in designing some of the most lucrative and engaging gameplay features on the social platform (including a partnership with the Jamie Oliver franchise), which quickly became best practice across the board. Restaurant City was nominated for Social Networking Game of the Year in 2010.

MONOPOLY came to Facebook in 2011 and let over 3 million players all around the world create their own Monopoly board and try and win Monopoly Cash from their friends. The world famous fast-dealing property trading game included new twists to the well-loved collection and upgrading mechanics. My role was primarily as a resource for guidance and expertise in marketing on a social platform, working with the San Francisco studio to generate copy, community and game play best practices for the social platform. In 2011, I was involved in organising and promoting the MONOPOLY Millionaires attempt to successfully break a world record for most people playing Monopoly simultaneously - we did, with over 32,000 people proudly announcing their gaming antics online.

RISK: Factions took the well loved game of world conquest and brought it to Facebook. Now players could take over the world, one territory at a time, and rub their real life friends' faces in it, too. Aimed at a male audience, the title allowed players to battle friends or be matched up against any of the 3+ million players around the world. My role was primarily as a resource for guidance and expertise for the San Francisco team, proofing copy and marketing materials.

About me

I'm a London-based girl, geek and writer. My experience in living on the web ranges from writing my first email in 1995, to living on the Cloud, today. I love being online. Heck, I met my partner online over 10 years ago.

I love transferring my knowledge and expertise across disciplines, looking for creative challenges. For me, nothing beats waking up and going to the office to see how folks responded to something cool I made.

In my spare time I enjoy being creative: I've been running activities for a gaming community since 2006; I enjoy grabbing a camera and snapping up pictures; I love trying out new recipes in the kitchen (I could never draw, but cooking is art I can eat); and I have so many movies at home, I organise them by colour instead of title (what?! It looks cool…).

In essence, my life is in eternal Spring.

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